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Pixie Dust began after the founder, Samantha, failed to find any environmentally friendly glitter in any of the shops in New Orleans. Samantha ended up buying biodegradable glitter from Europe.

It took way too long to get here, it was overpriced, and the quality wasn't the best. From that point on it has become the goal of Pixie Dust to make high quality eco-friendly glitter readily available in local shops or at your doorstep!

Pixie Dust is plant based and will fully breakdown in the natural environment within six weeks. It is made from eucalyptus tree cellulose film making it softer on your skin and safer than plastic for use around the eyes. Pixie Dust is made with Bioglitter. The worlds only certified fresh water biodegradable glitter

Thankfully, eco-initiatives are on the rise! Krewe de Fleurs ‘Seeds as Beads’, Grounds Krewe’s ‘Future of Mardi Gras Expo’ featuring wooden doubloons and TrashFormers, Nola’s first recycling marching Krewe, are just a few examples. The idea of a plastic free, sustainable Mardi Gras is becoming more popular each year.

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