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Monica Rose Kelly is a touring artist currently serving as Visual Director/LD for MarchFourth band out of Portland, OR, as well as performing with musicians in New Orleans where she has been based for the past decade. In 2020 she began creating improvisational digital paintings to live music and projecting them onto stages during concerts, creating an immersive performance art experience that blends lighting design with digital media and her rhythmic freestyle painting flow. She coined the term #livelightpainting for this new art form and has recently performed in concert halls across the U.S. as well as The New Orleans Museum of Art and New Orleans’ annual light festival, Luna Fête. Monica has also been working with Arts New Orleans’ Young Artist Movement program to train student interns in animation, documentation, flow state painting and live light painting.

Monica has built a career that blends fine art, public art, illustration, performance and design. Her aesthetic is vibrant in nature and communicates the energy of the soul. Her unique style was influenced by growing up around hip hop and graffiti, as well as traveling around the world and discovering the great works of the Impressionist painters, as well as the Art Nouveau and Art Deco architectural movements. She is also inspired by the spiritual archetypes of the Divine Feminine. Her love for music and dance is channeled into each work with joyful gesture and motion, reflecting the joie de vivre, rhythms, and tropical color palettes of New Orleans. Her studies in herbalism and work as a flower essence practitioner have infused a love of botany and healing into her subject matter, as she often uses flowers and plants as symbols representing different emotional archetypes.

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