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Louisiana native and self-taught artist Kelly Boyett has been creatively making her mark on the world since she could say paintbrush. With the eccentric city of New Orleans as her muse, she draws inspiration from everything around her and reflects her love for the vibrance of southern culture in her present work. It has been said that one can simply feel the vibrations of the energy emitting

from her pieces.

Boyett specializes in live-painting performances, and when she is not on-site somewhere slinging paint, she is exercising her creativity in her Mid-City studio, as well as traveling the world to inspire and disperse her art.

Boyett works in many different mediums, with acrylic being her weapon of choice -due to its versatility and speed of work. However, she does not limit herself only to painting. With a passion for wood-working as well, Boyett prides herself as a 'Jill of all trades'. She enjoys building her own canvases among many other things, and brags about her tool collection often.

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