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I Love Vieux (pronounced “view”) refers to the Vieux Carré, the old square we call the French Quarter. The French Quarter of New Orleans is one of the most romantic neighborhoods in the world, where so many people fall in love, propose, marry and dream. Almost all the parades I throw are in the French Quarter, where I also live.

This is the place where lovers want to celebrate and soak their senses with history, music and movement. And this is the city where they are permitted to revel right in the streets! Private parades are an unusual, only-in-New Orleans privilege and it my absolute pleasure to throw them.

Greetings. I’m Lacey Wood and they call me the “Mistress of Parades.” I have been throwing second line parades since 2013, an art I learned as the Assistant to the Captain of the Krewe of Hermes. This very fortunate six-year education in all things Carnival found me handling everything from managing the membership and the royal court to producing the ball. (I am also a full scale event planner.) Hermes, founded in 1937, throws an ambitious week leading up to its Friday night parade, including a renowned Marching Parade. The experience, along with having grown up in New Orleans attending thousands of parades, left me with a lasting hunger for parading. After Hermes, it was a natural and easy choice to start I Love Vieux.

As much fun as you are having celebrating your marriage, anniversary, birthday, meeting or New Orleans itself by sashaying along Royal Street with your favorite people and a brass band, I am thrilled to be there with you. I love my “job” and I love vieux!


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