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We’re Elektra Cosmetics, ex regular peeps turned self-expression and cosmetic glitter ambassadors. Truthfully, it wasn’t all that long ago that we ourselves lacked the courage and ability to better express ourselves. We didn’t have the confidence to live our lives authentically.

Fast forward past the challenges, missteps and lessons learned from countless hours of glitter makeup products development and thousands of large events. Take a look and you’ll see the brand we have today:

one that brightens lives and gives us more freedom to better express our true selves and live an unapologetically creative life.

Starting in 2016, we took cosmetic glitter and enhanced the way the Big Easy celebrates. Now, Elektra Cosmetics is worn around the globe by drag queen superstars and soccer moms alike. We give folks from all walks of life the tools to live out-loud and express themselves fully.

Elektra Cosmetics was created to give you the tools to amp up your own self-expression while helping you live an unapologetically creative life. If you’re a master in the art of getting ready or you just want to celebrate the best moments in life, we’re glad you found us.



The Historic Swoop-Duggins House, located in a historic three-story, three-bay, brick house with an attached two-story service wing located in New Orlean’s CBD, offers a private, second floor exclusively for events complete with private entry. For larger events, or guests wishing for a progressive event experience, you may opt to also include the courtyard as well as the entire first floor, Swoop’s dining room and bar, as part of your event.

The Historic Swoop-Duggins House’s event space can be privately accessed by both its own beautiful wooden staircase as well as the courtyard, both leading to the immaculately decorated rooms on the second floor. Rich colors and ornate fabrics complement the artwork that adorns the walls as well as the multiple fireplaces. The “gallery” (a balcony spanning the depth of an entire sidewalk and the full length of the building) allows guests to experience the sites and sounds of New Orleans during your event.

The space at The Historic Swoop-Duggins House provides your guests with a unique event experience in that not only do you have access to the second floor during your event, you have the option to utilize the courtyard as part of your event.


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